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Make Smart Moves about Real Estate Investment

In a tricky real estate market, you can sometimes feel cheated. You may end up in a new place with major defects or find yourself working with mortgage brokers who don't have your best interest in mind. With California Properties and Mortgage, however, you never have to worry about any of this. Our team makes sure to provide you with the best care and guidance and also keeps you informed about what's going on. We take care of everything from your mortgage loans to your credit lines. Make smart decisions about your real estate investments with professional advice from our Bay Area, California, team. 

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When it comes to your real estate needs, you can rely on our team to take care of all of the buying and selling aspects. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, we have brokers, agents, and loan officers ready to negotiate the best deals for you. We do everything from find good lenders to seek out fair mortgage notes. We take care of anything that is required to meet your specific need. Also, our company is independent and is not associated with larger real estate companies, which gives us room to follow a different set of guidelines when it comes to commission for listing and selling. We can discuss the best offers for loan origination quotes, as well as for equity loans. With our team, you get lower mortgage rates, better repayment conditions, and finer property options. Feel confident about your property purchase or sell with superior real estate services from our team. For loan pre-approval letters, please contact us.